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puente sobre el río zadorra

"arganzón PLAZA" hotel  is located in the village of La Puebla de Arganzón in a building with medieval history. We are proud to have been able to conserve our historical building and incorporated it with modern installments and comforts.

The hotel is located at the main square of the village next to the city hall. The building is from the 19th century and have nine beautiful rooms with en-suite bath rooms, television, Wi-fi in the hotel, and all the other comforts you would expect. The hotel can also offer rooms equipped with a small kitchen.



puente sobre el río zadorra

The hotel offers several break areas where you can enjoy a quite reading, or a nice chat in a nice atmosphere.

he village La Puebla de Arganzón is situated near a road that joins Alava with many other surrounding places. From the village there is easy access to  many places of interest, such as Bilbao (60km), La Rioja, Vitoria, etc. Our hotel is located in an area of Spain called Condado de Treviño.

The Plaza bar is located in the same building as the hotel, a modern cafeteria with rural appearance where you can enjoy a nice atmosphere during the day as well as in the evening.



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